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Welcome to some fun stories!

The Mysteries with a Wine List series showcases Cade Blackstone, a wise-cracking PI playboy living in Carlton, Oregon, right in the midst of lovely wine country, and features him driving around in his sports car trying to solve cases brought to him by the locals. 

The first one, A MURDER OF CROWS, sent Blackstone scurrying after a sulky teenager to satisfy her grandmother when she feared the girl had gone missing. Unfortunately, at the same time, a local vineyard owner turned up murdered and the detective couldn't seem to keep his nose out of the case. Now, the book is in its second release, with a redone interior and a fresh, new cover.

Book two, A WALK OF SNIPES, sees Blackstone tracking a Portland attorney gone astray on a Red Car Club trip to the Oregon coast. He never returned and his sister wants to know why. But finding out seems to be more dangerous than anyone might have imagined. This, too, is in its second iteration, reworked and given a new cover.



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"The fact of knowing how to read is nothing; the whole point is knowing what to read."
- Jacques Ellul

Now, a new series, EYES & EARS, is ready. This is exciting because a blind retired OSP detective, Abigail Dalton, is partnering up with retired Portland policeman Bridger Flynn, who is deaf, and will be working cold cases for the City. Their first one involves a high school senior found in Forest Park shortly before graduation, viciously stabbed to death. The detectives don't want to think another kid did it, but who else had a motive? The answer is far beyond shocking...and far beyond the Portland city limits...              

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